About Jennifer Kennedy

Hi, I am Jennifer, Australia’s Leading Wedding Planner & Stylist.  With over 20 years experience working in events, and as the Director and Senior Event Manager at JK&Co. Events since 2005 (previously Bells N Whistles Events) – to say I love events is an understatement.

However, it is more than the gowns and flowers – I love the meaning of marriage and I love being part of two people making an amazing commitment to each other.

I love creating treasured memories and I also love my work – the logistics – managing multiple suppliers (up to 30 per wedding), working collaboratively with amazing vendors and companies to bring to life the wedding you want.  I’m addicted to it.

I have no ego about my work, I consider each couple to be VIP despite their budget, location or inspiration, which is why I insist on only one wedding per month, so that we give each couple all of our attention in the lead up to your big day.

Other reasons why I love work with couples…

  • I love to save couples from stress, anxiety & uncertainties.  Needless to say weddings can bring out the absolute best and worst in people.  They are emotionally charged events, bringing together not just two people, marriage brings together two entirely different families.  This can bring a lot of tension, and even for couples who are quite harmonious – planning a wedding can cause arguments and tension within a relationship. I love to take that tension away and make the planning journey as fun and memorable as possible.
  • I will save you time, I will save you worrying about which suppliers are the most reputable. I will save you weekends of meeting with supplier after supplier and I will save you from dealing with the unpleasant side of wedding planning.
  • I can save you money - our packages are cost-neutral for 3+ day weddings.
  • I will deliver you an exceptional wedding celebration that meets your high expectations, wows your guests and creates beautiful and treasured lifetime memories. I will invest my time in your wedding, giving each tiny detail my full attention and care in order to create your perfect wedding.
  • You are given choice and control as we navigate our way through your planning, a process that is bespoke to your wedding – rather than a cookie cutter approach.

I am changing the world - One Wedding at a Time.


Photo credit:  James Day