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Events and Weddings create a lot of waste and in general we try to re-use as much as possible – it’s not about the money – it’s about the environment.

These are things we have in place for each wedding to help our planet xx

  1. OzHarvest, Foster House (Salvation Army), Lou's Place, The Wayside Chapel,  St Candice Kitchen and other local shelters and charities – they either come to collect un-eaten food to give to homeless or we drop the food off during the event (while it's warm).
  2. At the end of the wedding, our florist comes back to make floral bouquets from your wedding flowers. And flowers left are taken to Hospitals or Aged Care facilities as a lovely gesture for those who need a little happy surprise the next morning.
  3. We re-use where we can – for example, florals at your ceremony get reused at your reception where possible.  Very hot days make it hard to re-use flowers that have been sitting out in the sun – but we do our best!  To the right, the roses on the ground for the ceremony were transported to the reception and re-used on the bridal table.  Below, the ceremony archway was re-used as the couples backdrop behind them at the reception.

Other sustainable ideas for couples;

  1. Choose a sustainable and eco venue for your reception.  We know a heap of them and can advise you.
  2. If you do want confetti.  Don’t use paper or rice (birds eat the rice and can die eating uncooked rice – and who wants rice thrown at them??)  You can get a hole punch, in all different shapes, and hole punch leaves to throw instead.
  3. Have everything you need already?  Why not make your wishing well a donation to your favourite charity.
  4. If your wedding is a destination, choose suppliers locally to cut down on your carbon footprint.
  5. Choose flowers in season – if you do choose flowers not in season, they need to be imported from other countries which does impact the footprint of your wedding.
  6. Catering and Cakes can also be a consideration using free-range, ethical ingredients. Organic flour, Fair Trade ingredients, choosing food grown and processed as close to your venue as possible - selecting organic produce – grown and processed in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.
Delivering food to a shelter
Delivering food to a shelter
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