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How We Work

Jennifer Kennedy & Co. have a unique process specifically designed to ensure we offer each of our couples a VIP experience.

From your consultation to your wedding day, you are treated as one of the family.  We consider all of our couples VIPs and want you to feel as special as we think you are.

Your first meeting, as our clients, will take you through the steps we will take to plan your wedding, create your budget, discuss your priorities and work out the scope of your wedding day.

We give you a few quality choices for each supplier.  We want you to have choice and feel 100% happy with each supplier, however we don't want to inundate you with too much information - overwhelming you and stressing you out.

Best of all, you have complete control over your wedding.

Four weeks prior to your wedding day, we'll set a pre-wedding meeting to prepare you for your day - setting your expectations on every minute from walking down the aisle to leaving your reception, answering all of your questions.

The week before, we will have a rehearsal and go through all the finishing touches, including distributing your approved runsheet to all suppliers.

On your wedding day, our team will be the first at your ceremony and reception venues and one of the last to leave - taking care of all of the details that most people forget about.  We'll make sure your getaway car is packed with what you need and your gifts, cake, attire (gowns, shoes, veils etc) are taken care of.

We are invested in your wedding and never treat our work as a transaction.

Photo Credit:  Blumenthal Photography
Photo Credit: Blumenthal Photography
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