When I met Jen I was a romantic with a dream. I’d met with a few planners, each ‘special’ in their own way, but none of them had the soul… that spark we were desperately seeking and needing. We needed someone who would just ‘get it’ someone who had vision, energy and a passion for creating beauty in an event that surpassed the ‘usual’ and far surpassed the expected. I needed someone I could work with, vibe with and adore, and well, in one email, I just knew that Jen was my woman.Jen just ‘got it’. She had vision, energy and an attitude that meant literally ANYTHING was possible. She was my ‘franc’ with WAY more personality. I never thought I’d ever be able to have a wedding planner.¬† I’m a creative unpredictable being, so I needed someone to reign me in and make it happen, all wondrously fulfilled by the vivacious Jen. (who rocked it on the wedding day I might add, a great hit with guests and on the dance floor ????

In one sparkly fairy-godmother swoop Jen had us meeting deadlines, making decisions, involving the boys and making magic. She not only was the most organised and genuinely fantastic planner, but she has, I hope, become a lifelong friend; someone I was so lucky and happy to meet in the months leading up to the wedding, and let me tell you, on the day when suddenly you feel nervous about walking down the aisle, Jen is there, confident and instructive to calm you down and help you ‘glide’ or ‘kick and flick’ I think her words were, down the aisle.

There is for me, no other planner, then Jen and her team – oh my goodness don’t get me STARTED on her amazing team.

Jennifer Kennedy & Co. made the night of our dreams better than we ever could have imagined, thank you wondrous ladies for making the dream come to life.
Anthea & Dror-JK and Co wedding planners

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