To Jen and her team at Jennifer Kennedy & Co., Thank you so much for your amazing efforts and creativity for our wedding day. All our friends had doubts about hiring a wedding planner, but now they all understand how wonderful the experience is and how trouble and stress free the most important day of our lives are!

Without Jen and her amazing team, there absolutely would be no way our wedding would of been pulled off so seamlessly and so beautifully… I mean..who gets a cherry blossom tree constructed from scratch for their wedding? My husband and I both agree that Jennifer Kennedy & Co.¬†was worth every penny, and if we had to do it again, we would hire them again! We highly recommend their services to anyone who is getting married, whatever their budget. =) Thank you Jen for making the most important day a dream come true.

Clarita & Tony Lai-wedding planner JK and Co

Photo Credit: GM Photographics