It has taken me 5 months to write this! But it is for no other reason than I felt I had to find the perfect words to do Jen and the team justice, (That and I’m terrible at organising, hence the dire need for Jennifer Kennedy & Co.!!) So here goes….

When I first approached Jen I was struck by how open, honest and efficient she was. Once we had met, I was filled with complete confidence in her and what she had to offer my partner and I. Despite others having misgivings about hiring a planner & stylist I went for it and a weight was immediately lifted from my shoulders!

Our amazing spring wedding in the Blue Mountains was put together in under 6 months. Some said it couldn’t be done but these girls simply made it happen, and in a bigger and better fashion than we could have ever imagined! The support and effort that we were provided was so far beyond what I expected to receive, and I am so grateful for that.

These ladies kept the wedding machine rolling while I dealt with numerous personal and professional challenges along the way.

I simply cannot thank them enough for turning our ideas into reality and creating a
spectacular, fun-filled celebration that we will remember always. I tell anyone who will listen that they need a planner for their wedding and the only one they need bother contacting is Jennifer Kennedy & Co.

Love you guys!

Elise & Alex - wedding planned by Jennifer Kennedy and Co

Photo Credit: GM Photographics