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Jennifer of Jennifer Kennedy & Co. is the ultimate in creating unique personal touches to make a wedding ceremony into an unforgettable experience for the bride, groom & guests. My only regret is that we cannot get married again & again with Jen at the helm. Thanks for everything, you are amazing, organised, unflappable, cool, calm & creative. Our Jennifer Kennedy & Co. wedding is a constant smile in our lives.

Jamira & Tom

Jamira & Tom wedding planned by JK and Co
Photo Credit: Tony Potts Photography

When we got engaged, we never thought that we would be using a wedding planner; however, after hearing about how time-consuming, daunting and stressful planning a wedding can be, we decided to look for a wedding planner who would be able to look after absolutely everything for us.

We met with a few planners but didn’t get the right vibe from any of them. It was then that I stumbled upon an article that Jen had written – a very honest and insightful article about the cost and effort of planning a wedding. Reading the article, we knew we just had to meet this wedding planner and within the first 10mins of our first meeting with Jen, we knew straight away that she was the perfect wedding planner for us.

Jen was so positive, enthusiastic and full of passion and energy for what she does that we fell in love with her. She always answered our questions promptly and honestly, and whenever we weren’t sure how to proceed or resolve some delicate or tricky issues that popped up on the way, her sound advice(s) always put us at ease. You just knew that Jen has got your back.

We both agree one million percent that without Jen’s guidance, Jen’s passion for what she does, her knowledge about the industry and also her friendship, our wedding would not have been possible.

Jen has never steered us wrong – she always gave us excellent vendor and supplier recommendations and every single vendor/supplier we used exceeded our expectations in terms of the service and the professionalism with which they conducted themselves and our wedding.

We were both amazed at how Jen and Jacqueline (our amazing florist) immediately knew what type of vibe and atmosphere we wanted for the style of our wedding. The end result on the day was more than what we had expected and everything - from how smooth the entire day went to the styling and the floral arrangements at the reception was more than what we could have imagined. She took our vision and made it one thousand times more fabulous. Our guests couldn’t stop raving about our wedding!

Jen and the entire JK&Co. team has not only managed to make our dream wedding come true, she really made our journey from engagement to our wedding day one of the most special periods of our lives. 

Jen, Thank you so much for helping us, teaching us and guiding us through the past 18 months. You have made our journey from engagement to our wedding day a truly unforgettable experience.

So…If you want an absolutely amazing wedding experience, someone who is full of passion, knowledge and skill as well as someone who always has your back and who will fight for you, then Jennifer Kennedy and the team at Jennifer Kennedy & Co. is the perfect one for you.

Una & Frank

Una & Frank - Jennifer Kennedy wedding planner
Photo Credit: The Shutter Co

After getting engaged I knew I wanted a wedding planner/stylist.

I met with a couple of planners but didn't get the right vibe. I saw a beautiful photo online and tracked down the stylist and after checking out her portfolio I decided to email Jen. We met with her and immediately fell in love! She was very enthusiastic, amazing and seemed to really love what she does. She immediately understood what I was after and directed us to all the right people. 

They delivered on their promises and everything was beautiful. Jen knew all the answers to my questions and when we had printing problems and confusion over seating arrangements - she took control and eased my worries like a pro.

Our reception was like a dream - the hanging florals and lighting installations were just as I imagined and more! Her team worked tirelessly to give us the beautiful and fun wedding we always wanted. Needless to say my husband and I forgot to take photos with some of the guests
as we were just having the greatest time! If I could do it all over again - I wouldn't change a thing
- maybe have it longer! Thank you so much Jen! You are a gem and a miracle worker! We had
THE greatest time and everyone else at the wedding did too!!! Thank you from the bottom of our
hearts... We (I) really couldn't have done it without you! Love you! xox

Sarah & Joel

Sarah & Joe - wedding planner JK and Co
Photo Credit: The Shutter Co.

Thanks to Jen and JK&Co. We had the wedding of our dreams - and more. We were given fantastic vendor recommendations to fulfil the vision we had for our wedding; sound advice and options to help us through often confusing and unsettling decision making processes; and plenty of enthusiasm and assurance that gave us a peace of mind when things got stressful. The JK&Co. Team were true professionals. We were able to really enjoy our day knowing that they had everything under control. Their ability to think outside of the box, 'can-do' attitude and creative styling transformed a restaurant into a magical garden, giving myself, my husband and our guests an unforgettable experience. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a touch of magic on their Big Day.

Adela & Agus

Adela & Agus - JK and Co wedding planners
Photo Credit: Society Photography

Because of Jennifer Kennedy & Co. planning and styling the wedding was an absolute breeze. We had a very specific vision for how our wedding should run, feel, look and taste. Jen helped us source the absolute best vendors that suited our personality and needs. Despite an extremely strict budget, JK&Co. were able to make the day look amazing and really listened to what we wanted for the style of our wedding. JK&Co. were also extremely flexible with atypical requests from us in regards to how the day and night was to run - completely changing the way they normally run their weddings to suit our requests. 

Because of JK&Co., we were able to have an amazingly beautiful day without bothering any of our family and friends to set up or run errands. They were at our beck and call during the reception evening keeping the night en pointe. They also looked amazing and our guests loved interacting with them. 

Because of JK&Co., we had many compliments on our big day - from our ceremony, to reception
styling to cake, and especially how unique the day was and true to ourselves. 

We would recommend JK&Co. to anyone wanting to really enjoy their wedding day and the
planning leading up to the event - without the stress, and no matter what their budget. 
Finally, because of JK&Co., we had an amazingly fun and beautiful day.

Bing & Jerry

Bing & Jerry- wedding planned by Jennifer Kennedy and Co
Photo Credit: Society Photography

I can't speak highly enough of Jennifer's brilliant wedding planner skills. Whilst my previous experience with event organisers was usually one of being used to being underwhelmed (aka I did more work than I expected) - Jennifer took control of our wedding and made it a very special day where we could relax and enjoy ourselves knowing that Jen and her team were onto everything proactive and reactive that needed to be done. Plus her energy, enthusiasm and winning personality made it even more of enjoyable experience - I will definitely be using Jennifer Kennedy & Co. for my next event.

Tania & Creel Price

Tania & Creel Price- wedding planners Jennifer Kennedy and Co
Photo credit: Lisa Haymes Photography

To Jen and the JK&Co. team,

A huge thank you from Julian & I for working with us on creating our dream wedding. I remember you told me you smiled when you were reading my detailed email that was sent ahead of our consultation. From that, you helped us create an extraordinary experience for ourselves, family and guests that is being talked about non-stop. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, your support & guidance throughout the process, especially with the hiccup of a venue change 3 months out from the day, was wonderful. Many of our guests have commented that it is the best wedding they have ever been too and we could not have done it without you.

Thank you for your amazing suppliers (floristry, stationery, photographers, cake etc) that gave us the icing on the cake (so to speak), finding us economical options which gave us the opportunity to really look after our guests without breaking the bank. On the day, I did not
look at a clock and trusted in everyone and everything we had put in place, thank you!

Julia & Julian

Julia & Julian-Jennifer Kennedy and Co wedding planners
Photo credit: GM Photographics

Just want to send our love to the beautiful and wonderful people at Jennifer Kennedy & Co.!

Thanks for making our wedding perfect yesterday even though it was pouring outside! The plan B was even better than our original outdoor ceremony.  Our ceremony at The Langham Hotel was incredible! I think it was meant to be! To Jen & the team, thanks for making us so relaxed throughout the day and doing all the hard work for us so we could enjoy our big day! Yesterday was all we imagined and more! We couldn’t thank you enough!

Lena & Juin

Lena & Juin-wedding planner Jennifer Kennedy and Co
Photo credit: Tealily Photography

I cannot recommend highly enough the wonderful team at Jennifer Kennedy & Co. Jen, Juliette, Liz and the crew were able to interpret our dream wedding vision and make it a reality. Not only did they entirely run our wedding day from start to finish, their vision and styling was breathtaking! Jennifer Kennedy & Co. are a beautiful mix of professionalism, accessibility, and creativity.

The team go the extra mile and were so genuinely committed to making our wedding day exactly in the tone we had wanted. Engaging the services of Jennifer Kennedy & Co. was the best investment and money we spent. I would encourage and strongly recommend new brides to consider using a wedding planner, but particularly Jennifer Kennedy & Co. Out of all the wedding planners, we looked into in Sydney, Jennifer Kennedy & Co. were hands down the most wholesome, down to earth and sophisticated wedding planning company of them all.

Phoebe & Matthew Wallace

Phoebe & Matthew Wallace-wedding planned by JK and Co
Photo credit: Lisa Pearl Photography

To the whole JK&Co. team;
Saturday was nothing short of a triumph!
All the talking, planning, ideas and hard work delivered what was a phenomenal outcome!
I, like everyone there was literally blown away.
It wasn't as good as I expected it was infinitely better!
A masterpiece. Congratulations.
As for the whole day; the scheduling, management of all activities, priorities and deadlines; you achieved this perfectly with seamless, confidence.
You helped our bride enjoy her preparation and you got her down that aisle with a fun yet flawless outcome.
Your efforts made our special day exquisite!

Thank you from the whole clan

Philippa Lewis
(Phoebe Wallace's mother, about her daughters wedding)

Philippa Lewis-wedding planned by JK and Co
Photo credit: Lisa Pearl Photography

In the words of our MC "Behind every great bride is a great wedding planner" and these guys are truly that. They'll make it easy for you so you can enjoy every moment of the best day of your life. We highly recommend their services.

Chris Lane (groom to Louise)

Chris Lane-wedding planned by Jennifer Kennedy and Co
Photo Credit: InLighten Photography

Choosing a wedding planner was arguably the most important decision that I made during the wedding planning process. My husband and I were planning a Sydney wedding from Perth, whilst also travelling for work extensively for the duration of our engagement. I was looking for someone whom I could trust to take our vision and make it happen without my needing to be excessively involved. I contacted five planners, interviewed three and ultimately chose Bells N Whistles. I was enormously impressed with Jen on our first meeting - her passion for weddings was evident, and her boundless creativity was tempered with common sense. I felt that I could trust her to create something that we would love, instead of a cookie-cutter wedding.

Over the next ten months, Jen and her team were a godsend. They put up with our erratic travel schedules; I lost track of how many appointments they made which I then had to cancel or reschedule. They revised briefs and quotes, and generally guided us through the seemingly endless number of decisions that need to be made for a wedding. I loved that BNW always gave us options with different price points.

My general view is that when you have a job to do that you lack the necessary skills for, you
hire a professional then get out their way. We did this with JK&Co.and in return, they delivered
a wedding that completely blew us away. My husband and I both had so many guests tell us
that they had never had so much fun at a wedding.

The hotel manager greeted us personally at breakfast the next morning and told us that she
had never seen the ballroom so beautifully decorated before - quite the compliment from a
five star hotel. Most importantly, Jen and her team were always friendly and patient and easy
to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Jen and Jennifer Kennedy & Co. to anyone looking
for a professional to take away the stress of wedding planning and logistics.

Natasha & Lyn Tern

Natasha & Lyn Tern-JK and Co wedding planners
Photo credit: Tealily Photography
When I met Jen I was a romantic with a dream. I'd met with a few planners, each 'special' in their own way, but none of them had the soul... that spark we were desperately seeking and needing. We needed someone who would just 'get it' someone who had vision, energy and a passion for creating beauty in an event that surpassed the 'usual' and far surpassed the expected. I needed someone I could work with, vibe with and adore, and well, in one email, I just knew that Jen was my woman.

Jen just 'got it'. She had vision, energy and an attitude that meant literally ANYTHING was possible. She was my 'franc' with WAY more personality. I never thought I'd ever be able to have a wedding planner.  I'm a creative unpredictable being, so I needed someone to reign me in and make it happen, all wondrously fulfilled by the vivacious Jen. (who rocked it on the wedding day I might add, a great hit with guests and on the dance floor 🙂

In one sparkly fairy-godmother swoop Jen had us meeting deadlines, making decisions, involving the boys and making magic. She not only was the most organised and genuinely fantastic planner, but she has, I hope, become a lifelong friend; someone I was so lucky and happy to meet in the months leading up to the wedding, and let me tell you, on the day when suddenly you feel nervous about walking down the aisle, Jen is there, confident and instructive to calm you down and help you 'glide' or 'kick and flick' I think her words were, down the aisle.

There is for me, no other planner, then Jen and her team - oh my goodness don't get me STARTED on her amazing team.

Jennifer Kennedy & Co. made the night of our dreams better than we ever could have imagined, thank you wondrous ladies for making the dream come to life.

Anthea & Dror

Anthea & Dror-JK and Co wedding planners

Thank you Jen from the bottom of our hearts!

With only 3 months to go to the big day, it was getting rather difficult for us to finish planning our wedding in Sydney from Hong Kong and finding the time to plan our wedding was becoming a struggle because of the intensity of our jobs which leave us time poor. Given our circumstances, when we asked, you took over the reins of the planning our wedding to help us reach the finish line, it was the best decision we ever made! It was so useful having talented professionals in the wedding industry to share ideas and ask questions – you are so responsive which is what we loved about working with you and we loved the weekly updates!.

We are so grateful for your expert orchestration of our wedding day – the day went so smoothly. We’ve received absolutely fantastic feedback from all our guests – with most comments being how superbly organised and seamlessly the day went!

We consider ourselves blessed to have had the privilege of working with you – you translated
our vision with such class and professionalism. Every detail exceeded our expectations and our
guests were thoroughly impressed with both of your talents. We sincerely thank you for making
our wedding day dream come true!

Thanks for your support, and guidance throughout the planning process – and mostly, being
so patient with us!

Alison & Dominic

Alison & Dominic-wedding planned by Jennifer Kennedy and Co
Photo credit: Tealily Photography

To Jen and her team at Jennifer Kennedy & Co., Thank you so much for your amazing efforts and creativity for our wedding day. All our friends had doubts about hiring a wedding planner, but now they all understand how wonderful the experience is and how trouble and stress free the most important day of our lives are!

Without Jen and her amazing team, there absolutely would be no way our wedding would of been pulled off so seamlessly and so beautifully... I mean..who gets a cherry blossom tree constructed from scratch for their wedding? My husband and I both agree that Jennifer Kennedy & Co. was worth every penny, and if we had to do it again, we would hire them again! We highly recommend their services to anyone who is getting married, whatever their budget. =) Thank you Jen for making the most important day a dream come true.

Clarita & Tony Lai

Clarita & Tony Lai-wedding planner JK and Co
Photo credit: GM Photographics

It has taken me 5 months to write this! But it is for no other reason than I felt I had to find the perfect words to do Jen and the team justice, (That and I’m terrible at organising, hence the dire need for Jennifer Kennedy & Co.!!) So here goes….

When I first approached Jen I was struck by how open, honest and efficient she was. Once we had met, I was filled with complete confidence in her and what she had to offer my partner and I. Despite others having misgivings about hiring a planner & stylist I went for it and a weight was immediately lifted from my shoulders!

Our amazing spring wedding in the Blue Mountains was put together in under 6 months. Some said it couldn’t be done but these girls simply made it happen, and in a bigger and better fashion than we could have ever imagined! The support and effort that we were provided was so far beyond what I expected to receive, and I am so grateful for that.

These ladies kept the wedding machine rolling while I dealt with numerous personal and professional challenges along the way.

I simply cannot thank them enough for turning our ideas into reality and creating a
spectacular, fun-filled celebration that we will remember always. I tell anyone who will listen that they need a planner for their wedding and the only one they need bother contacting is Jennifer Kennedy & Co.

Love you guys!

Elise & Alex

Elise & Alex - wedding planned by Jennifer Kennedy and Co
Photo credit: GM Photographics

Working with Jennifer to plan my wedding was amazing, she made the whole process of getting married as stress free as possible. Jen worked very closely with us to bring our ideas together. From the ideas we had she managed to sort the good from the bad so that the end result was a beautiful wedding day.

The one point that stands out when dealing with Jennifer is her professionalism. Any problem presented to her was dealt with efficiently and resolved to our great satisfaction.

Having someone with wedding planning experience to rely on and to know that person has thought of everything was invaluable on our wedding day. The end result was that we got to enjoy the day and concentrate on the really important things like the marriage ceremony itself and having a great time at the reception without having to deal with all the little problems that did arise.

I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Kharishma & Keith D'Souza

Kharishma & Keith D'Souza wedding planned by JK and Co
Photo credit: Vincent Lai Photography

Dear Jen and the JK&Co. Team,

It has taken me a few weeks longer to write this than expected because I wasn’t sure how exactly to put into words the absolute level of love, care and dedication that I felt you put into mine and Christian’s wedding.

We had a terrible experience with another wedding planner who left us in the lurch, and it was with a lot of reservation and scepticism that we decided to then approach Jennifer Kennedy & Co. but I can honestly say that you not only restored our faith in Wedding Planners, but I now know that we could not have pulled off our day without you because you went above and beyond to make our day perfect.

Working with Jennifer Kennedy & Co. made our wedding planning experience completely stress free and we were blown away by the end result, our vision of a relaxed picnic lunch was brought to
life and it was more amazing than we expected.

Each and every guest has since made the effort to tell Christian or myself that our wedding day
was the most wonderful and memorable wedding that they have ever been to, and we have
Jennifer Kennedy & Co. to thank for that.

I could not recommend you enough (and I will be to everyone I know who is getting married).
Thankyou for everything!

Brittney & Christian Fogliani

Brittney & Christian Fogliani - wedding planner - Jennifer Kennedy and Co
Photo Credit: Ben Newman Photography

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